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Passing power through art
When Baumgartner and Frey first saw Dowell's work, they were fascinated. Baum Gartner said: "We like Johnny's prints because, like us, he respects his roots but defines his own language."urwerk watches

Frei said: "His work has a strong primacy and truly conforms to the spirit of 'UR'. At the same time, we like his references, which include popular culture, comics and tattoo references." For the first collaboration between URWERK and Revolution, Baumgartner and Frei hope to work with Johnny Dowell to completely erupt the feeling of carving.

Baumgartner said: "We fully understand the goals you want to achieve. There is a belief that carving must be baroque, gorgeous and gorgeous, but we hope to find a new contemporary language that will connect the sculpture with today's audience. stand up."

Frei said: "We want to create a series of engraved watches centered on the power symbol around the warriors. For the first watch that exclusively cooperates with Revolution, we chose the image of the samurai, then the image of the dragon."best cheap watches

Dowell said: "I like these patterns because they are very common. Anyone will see the image of warriors and dragons, and immediately understand that these huge totem images are related to power and warrior mentality. When studying how to render these patterns, I studied traditional Asian art, comics and even tattoo art, and studied how they penetrated all of these disciplines. Then the images I created blended all of this in some respects, and I hope that this style is unique in the world of sculpture. I also I really like Felix, Martin and you chose bronze for our first cooperation, because the aging of this material is reminiscent of the patina found on ancient armor."

Baumgartner said: "We are very satisfied with the performance of the first batch of watches in cooperation. This is a good proof of the infinite creative possibilities associated with our timepieces." He said with a smile. "This is totally bad. "cheap luxury watches

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